We want to be the ones
other drone manufacturers
come to for help.

You create services and applications,
and we create professional drones for you.

PRODRONE is an industrial drone system manufacturer established in Japan, January 2015, by experts with over 20 years of experience in a variety of specialized fields.

Since our inception, PRODRONE has developed an assortment of customized industrial drones on consignment for numerous drone service providers and manufacturers in the industrial drone market.

We have developed large drones that can carry 30kg (66lbs) of payload, drones specifically designed for laser surveying, drones capable of surveying at high-altitudes exceeding 5,500m (18,000ft), drones able to land on water, drones capable of reading RFID at high speeds, drones designed to inspect bridges and other such infrastructure, all-weather large-sized platforms, drones for pesticide spraying, numerous drones for academic research, and many more… Each require a superior level of technical precision, many of which could not have been developed by anyone other than PRODRONE.

What empowers us to realize the impossible? We have the experience – more than two decades of developing UAVs and their software. And we have the advanced technical abilities required to make it happen – our superior fabrication engineering skills enable us to use carbon-bonding technology (as applied to F1 cars and more traditional aircraft) to fit our motors with such a high precision, they are accurate to less than 1/100 of a degree.

PRODRONE has secured the high confidence of leading companies because we’re quick to respond to our clients needs, and we have the precision to surpass the most difficult of developmental challenges.

We are a B2B company.
PRODRONE aims to help you, the drone service providers and manufacturers of the world, to reach your goals, to expand your businesses, and for you to provide your services and products all over the globe.

We’ll always be right there to support your drone business.
That’s who we are at PRODRONE.

Aiming to be the top commercial drone manufacturer in the world with our unrivaled technical expertise.

Prodrone Co., Ltd. CEO / President and Founder
Masakazu Kono

In the near future, businesses of all kinds will be using commercial drones in many and diverse ways, beginning the democratization of the aviation business.

Commercial drones have the potential to change the world. Yet there is no one who could tell us exactly how. The same happened when PCs came out, when mobile phones appeared on the market, or when the Internet became available to consumers. Just imagine how they changed the world, and what kind of markets they developed.

After these three paradigm shifts, the fourth will be commercial drones. Like these big turning points that have come before us, the same winds blow now. Big names like Amazon and Google are pouring their resources into the commercial drone market to gain even a slight advantage in the race to see who can be the first to realize the start of the drone service era. The industrial drone market, while previously non-existent, has now established itself as a market that will only get bigger.

Very soon we will see all sectors of business using a wide range of commercial use drones, from micro drones to full-size drones as they become common place amongst everyday businesses. And because of that, we will see a large shift in consciousness towards those privileged few who had special purview on business in the sky. This will be the awakening of business aviation for everyone. It is undeniable we stand at that nexus of change now.

"Revolutionary Drones for Professionals" is the vision we present at PRODRONE. We will always stand at the forefront, creating revolutionary drones for the world. The commercial drones we produce have come by development requests from top companies, their research departments or industrial drone service providers who have turned to us for specialized and intricate projects that other drone manufacturers said would be impossible. We are constantly asked, "Can you really do this?", accompanied with looks of disbelief. Once we have the finished product in hand, it becomes, "You really did it!" with surprise and elation.

Helping us achieve these results are our two gifted developers, Kiyokazu Sugaki who leads the technology integration, and Kazuo Ichihara, our development integration specialist. Supporting them to efficiently produce our sophisticated drones are our young creators and test pilots at our "PRODRONE carrozzeria" workshop. We believe that together their efforts will forever leave their mark on the commercial drone landscape.

At the top of our business philosophy is that we become a company who is indispensable to other companies. At PRODRONE, this is our mindset every day of the week, and we want everyone in the commercial drone world to say, "If we don't get PRODRONE, it won't get done."

Taking on unprecedented challenges in drone development.

Prodrone Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President and Co-Founder / R&D Technical Integration
Kiyokazu Sugaki

An airframe that will fly at an altitude of 5,800 meters. One that can land on water. A full-size frame that can safely transport a load of 30 kg. These are the drones we have set ourselves to in these last few years. Trap net launching frames and wall clinging frames capable of resuming flight at set distances are just a few more of the dozens of unique and innovative models we have developed from client requests. All have required a high level of technical expertise, most of which like the large frame drones have not even been attempted by other companies before. Of our projects, over half were brought to us because other companies said it could not be done.

When it comes to developing an airframe, everything from the battery and motor to the ESCs are selected with the utmost scrutiny. There have been cases where motors that we ordered did not pass our testing, so we had to break them all down and rebuild them. Rejecting over half of 100 motors is something that we are quite used to.

Most commercial use drone frames are carbon pipes or boards that are bolted together, however, our drone frames use bonded carbon, the same as F1 race cars and passenger planes. It may be that we are the only ones in the drone industry to employ this design. Bolts will always be susceptible to slippage and can fall out. And simply forgetting to tighten a bolt after disassembly can be dangerous. And while bonding is far superior, the technical difficulties involved in carbon bonding are high, which is a stopping block for most companies.

Also as unforgiving is the precision assembly. Motors attachment and positioning is done to less than 1/100th of a degree. Because it needs to be done, it needs to be done right. By utilizing our vast technical know-how, together with our drive to satisfy our customers, we hope to build lasting relationships with customers who say, "I am glad we went with PRODRONE." And to continually meet those expectations is our benchmark. If you are experiencing difficulties, we will do everything to see you through them. We must never forget that our ultimate goal is not only to make a quality product, but to see that you are satisfied and happy with our work together.

The possibilities for drones multiplies with the right software.

Prodrone Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President and Co-Founder / R&D Development Lead
Kazuo Ichihara

We take pride in the superior stability of our PRODRONE airframes, but the added functionality of our native software is taking them to the next level. That is my role - to create the area-survey capabilities, connect the drone to cloud servers, and process the accumulated data from the drone on the cloud. Most drone companies will soon clear the basics like speed adjustments, controlled hovering, and flying without running into objects. Drones may seem to have almost become a commoditized product, but to create precision hardware of this caliber and a process by which ideas become reality, is something that cannot be done easily.

That is to say, our main assets lie with the superior hardware that only our vice president Kiyokazu Sugaki is able to produce, and in just in a single day, coupled with our system by which our hardware and software developers work so closely. Drone development here in Japan and in places like Silicon Valley has been heating up, and to compete against the high level software development coming from those places, we leverage that with close relationship of our software and hardware developers share to synergistically marry our second-to-none materials and craftsmanship with the right programming to exactly match intent with form.

It has been a mere 110 years since humans have been able to take to the skies after having lived for so long being stuck to the ground. In just that amount of time, planes are now circling the world, and the business of the airways is ever increasing, yet our consciousness has not been freed from that height alone.

It is an exciting time as artificial intelligence, image recognition and sensing technologies, along with the the big data processing and analysis, will merge with drone technology. We want to fully support the ever-increasing capacity of software to realize advances in our consciousness.