SkymatiX X-F1

Crop Sprayer

SkymatiX X-F1

Crop Sprayer
This drone is the perfect for Crop Spraying applications. PRODRONE developed the SkymatiX X-F1 for their business in agriculture, and supplies X-F1 as an ODM product. It is a waterproof model, and capable of spraying 10 L of agricultural chemicals with very high function and high stability.

The operation is simple. It also implements assist mode to support your operation according to preset flight plan. Complete with a sophisticated Autopilot system, the X-F1 enables pinpoint crop spraying accuracy for time and material efficiency.

* It is a specially customized drone to spray mountain slopes based on X-F1 (optional).
Distance Between Motors
1,534mm / 60.4inch
Overall Height
660mm / 26inch
13.2kg / 465.6oz
Diameter of Propeller
544mm / 21.4inch
Flight Duration
13 - 25min
Maximum Payload
20kg / 705.5oz
Maximum Speed
60km/h / 37.3mph
Maximum Wind Speed for Flying
8m/s / 17.9mph
Water Resistance
All-weather type
Power Source
16000mAh x 2
SkymatiX X-F1
SkymatiX X-F1
SkymatiX X-F1
SkymatiX X-F1
SkymatiX X-F1
SkymatiX X-F1